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Chương 1
 Baldness (10:46)
 The congestion caused by ride-hailing (10:36)
 The niche food festivals of the UK (09:42)
 Who needs a manbag? (09:51)
 Will robots cost us our jobs? (10:44)
 Why stress makes you fat? (10:44)
 Millennial grooms take spouse’s name (11:57)
 A lack of women in science (10:54)
 Should schoolchildren have jobs (09:43)
 Can men dance? (09:23)
 Degrees to make you rich (09:07)
 The dogs who safeguard our hearts (09:24)
 Artistic investments (09:04)
 Planet Plastic (07:50)
 Do brain training games actually work? (09:29)
 Can money make you happy? (09:24)
 Dealing with exam stress (08:18)
 Plastic problem (08:52)
 The future of advertising (07:49)
 Could you be flexitarian (08:48)
 Young and lonely (08:34)
 Think positive (08:47)
 Is the UK abandoning its cities? (09:34)
 Is this the death of cash? (09:12)
 Megatrends in education (09:35)
 Who are Generation Z? (09:02)
 Scientist create gene-edited pigs (10:46)
 Talking to technology (08:55)
 Social jet lag (09:54)
 Being super-rich (08:45)
 Suffering for fashion (06:25)
 Digital detox for children (06:06)
 The daily commute (07:35)
 Do we need to attend lectures? (08:12)
 The company with no boss (06:28)
 Virtual fashion advice (08:54)
 Using technology to keep employees happy (09:27)
 Sustainable fabrics of the future (09:29)
 The vegan fast food trend (08:41)
 The problem with fast fashion (09:29)
 Tourism controls (08:03)
 Electric scooter safety (08:16)
 The future of pocket money (08:18)
 Dogs helping stressed out students (08:46)
 Thousand fewer UK students at Oxbridge (08:26)
 Concepts of happiness (08:30)
 Cyber security and you (08:31)
 Random acts of kindness (09:02)
 A shorter working week (08:29)
 A student diet (07:54)
 The tipping taboo (08:51)
 The hotel of mum and dad (08:42)
 Who’s still smoking (09:04)
 A pay rise please (08:53)
 The future of Britain's high streets (08:53)
 Forest bathing (08:49)
 Fighting sadness without medication (08:55)
 The dos and don'ts of the UK commute (08:21)
 The trend for tree houses (10:04)
 The continued appeal of online shopping (10:23)
 Women in space (08:36)
 Hero hounds (09:34)
 Girls do better at school (06:22)
 Are sweeteners safe and healthy? (07:16)
 Love and money (05:53)
 A cashless society (08:26)
 Is a game just a game? (07:32)
 How to live longer (08:00)
 Young and in business (08:12)
 The future of food production (09:09)
 Your robot teacher of the future (10:28)

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