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Verb + environment 

respect the environment

harm the environment

pollute the environment

protect the environment

Adj + environment

a hostile environment

a male environment

a pleasant environment

a safe environment

a stress-free environment

Noun + prep +....

damage to the environment

effect on the environment

a threat to the environment

in harmony with the ...

the destruction of the ...

Câu hỏi 1 (1 điểm):

Complete these sentences with the correct form of the above verbs:

Many of the town's factories continue to _________ the environment.The local rivers have all been ruined by the chemicals from some of them.    
I always try to buy eco-friendly products that don't _________ the environment.    
The government hopes to teach children to _______ the environment through new projects in schools.    
Acid rain produced by factories is killing trees across the country.The government must introduce new policies to ________ the environment.    

Câu hỏi 2 (1 điểm):

Complete the sentences with the above adjectives:

My office is quite bright and spacious. It's a __________working environment. Unlike some people, I actually like coming to work!    
No working environment is entirely ___________. There are always pressures.    
As a deep-sea diver I have to work in a dangerous and ________ environment.    
I work in a predominantly __________ environment. I'm the only woman in the office!    
Employers should provide a _________ working environment for their employees so that accidents are avoided as far as possible.    

Câu hỏi 3 (1 điểm):

Complete these sentences with the above nouns:

Many chemicals used in industry have a damaging __________ on the environment. Some of them take a very long time to disappear.    
Overpopulation is probably the greatest __________ to the environment today.    
Every day large areas of forest disappear to make paper for newspapers. Few of us take the time to think about this large scale ________ of the environment.    
We are causing serious _______ to the environment by using up the Earth's natural resources.    

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