Adventurous woman, 23, seeks enthusiastic companion for travel. Must be bright and ambitious, as well as appreciating the finer things in life!
Welt-built man, 31 , seeks kind and responsi¬ble woman to love and admire. I am a cautious person, but the right woman will find me generous and caring.
My best friend is the well-known guitarist, Dan Karisson. Dan is tall, with-wavy black hair and a huge grin. His health is not very good, and he often looks pale, but he is amused by the fact that his thin features are seen as attractive by many women. He once told me he had been astonished to receive a love letter from a very famous actress, but that he was too much of a coward to call heri

Câu hỏi 1 (1 điểm):

Choose the correct word.

                                            My friend Anne

As a young woman, my friend Anne was very and she travelled all over the world. She met a woman who was planning to set up a school in a rural African village. Anne was very about the idea, and agreed to go and help her.

At the school, Anne was  for teaching English. I think the children must have been to meet this tiny woman with red hair and very skin!

Anne worked at the school for four years, and I really her for that.

Câu hỏi 2 (1 điểm):

Match the sentences halves 

He was a tall man    
   he is really icoward.
Like many aggressive people,    
   a very caring family.
She was adopted by    
   had become rather plump.
He was addicted to junk food and    
   is rather cautious by nature.
My ideas make her nervous because she    
   and a pale complexion.
He has dark, wavy hair    
   with thin, sharp features.

Câu hỏi 3 (1 điểm):

Decide if the pairs of sentences have similar meanings.

Câu hỏi 4 (1 điểm):

Complete the sentences by writing one word in each gap.

generous / astonished / bright / amused / wavy / plump 

1 She has , shoulder-length hair.

2 She kissed the baby's  cheeks.

3 Thank you for your extremely   gift.

4 Paul was laughing, but his mother didn't look

5 I was absolutely when I heard     that I had won the competition.

6 Of course your hand is burned after you picked up the hot baking tray without an oven glove — now that wasn't very , was it?

Câu hỏi 5 (1 điểm):

choose the correct word to fill each gap
1. our most students often take extra classes.
2. he is far too to be really successful in business.

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